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TMJ Insights: OPPERA Reports Second Stage Results


It’s an exciting time for TMJ patients and dentists. After decades of fighting to get their condition recognized by their doctors, we are now seeing the results of the first large-scale population study of TMJ. OPPERA, the Orofacial Pain: Prospective … Continue reading

Many Types of Snoring and Many Solutions


Snoring can be a serious issue. Not only are you likely disturbing your partner in bed, but you may be suffering a lower air supply at night. This may even be so bad that you have what is called sleep … Continue reading

Perspective on the TMJ-Tinnitus Connection: Your Ear Bones Are Jaw Bones


The connection between TMJ and its numerous symptoms is sometimes difficult to see. When one condition causes so many symptoms, the links can seem tenuous. The connection between TMJ and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) always seems natural because the … Continue reading

Migraine without the Headache: “Silent” Migraines Affect 2% of Sufferers


Do you have debilitating bouts of visual symptoms, dizziness, and tingling in your limbs? These may actually be migraines, even though you don’t have headaches. Although for many people, a migraine is synonymous with a very bad headache, it’s actually … Continue reading

Sleep Helps You Overcome Fear


According to new research at the Boston University School of Medicine, a specific brainwave triggered during REM sleep is crucial to consolidate memories of safety and allow you to overcome the fear associated with traumatic events. This shows us another … Continue reading

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Shows Promise for Migraine Treatment in Teens


Teens have practically the same rate of migraines as adults, but there are not clinically accepted guidelines for teen treatment to the same extent as for adults. Now a new study shows that clinical treatment for teens with migraines should … Continue reading

Sleep Apnea Treatment May Improve Your Golf Game

800px-Golfball (photo by LotusHead)

According to new research, sleep apnea treatment may improve the golf game of golfers with sleep apnea. For most golfers, it was able to improve their golf game by 11%, and for the best golfers, the game improved by more … Continue reading

TMJ: Another Reason the Grinch Might Hate Christmas

TMJ and The Grinch

It’s the holiday season, and that means pulling out all the family classic TV shows. Around my house one of the favorites is How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and watching it this year, it occurred to me that the Grinch’s … Continue reading

Mile High Hypopnea, Sleep Apnea Treatment for Better Sleep on Ski Weekends

Skiing the Slopes

We know that as we go up higher in altitude, the air pressure decreases, and with it the amount of oxygen in the air. This can lead to a sleep-apnea-like condition, and for people who already have sleep apnea, the … Continue reading

Jaw Pain: When to Talk to a Dentist


Are you suffering from jaw pain? Are you unsure whether it’s something serious that you need to talk ┬áto your doctor or a dentist, especially a neuromuscular dentist, about? Here are some things to consider before seeking out professional help. … Continue reading

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