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Increased Pregnancy Risks from Sleep Apnea


Sleep apnea causes serious risks for everyone, but now a new study highlights the magnitude of that risk for pregnant women. When expecting, the possibilty of sleep apnea definitely increases. Research from the University of South Florida shows that, among … Continue reading

Joint Problems in TMJ: What They Mean


When the RDC-TMD Consortium announced its new diagnostic criteria, which have been embraced by the American Dental Association (ADA), it moved us a long way toward having good definitions of different TMJ conditions. But it didn’t necessarily clear things up … Continue reading

Master Your Migraines


If you suffer from migraine headaches, they will definitely have an impact on your life. But that doesn’t mean they have to control your life. You still have the power to live the life you want, if you seize control … Continue reading

Could Eating Chocolate Help Cure TMJ?


Ahh . . . chocolate. Is there anything it can’t do? We have long known about many health benefits of chocolate, and now it seems we have to add curing TMJ to that list. According to recent research, the anti-inflammatory … Continue reading

Sleep Apnea Associated with Hearing Loss

EAR (1)

According to a new large population-based study, sleep apnea is an independent risk factor for hearing loss in both the low-frequency and high-frequency ranges. Although the results are preliminary and haven’t been peer-reviewed yet, this represents a new potential danger … Continue reading

Think Your Job Is a Headache? Be Glad You Don’t Work on the Space Station


Recently, NASA and other space agencies were dealing with an epidemic of headaches and other performance problems among the crew of the International Space Station (ISS). They traced this epidemic to the cause of elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) levels on … Continue reading

New TMJ Diagnostic Criteria Provide Scientific Uniformity


After many years of work, the International RDC-TMD Consortium has released its updated version of the diagnostic criteria for TMJ. These new criteria consist of a short screening instrument and a longer diagnostic one. However, these criteria depend entirely on … Continue reading

Migraine Relief from Sleep Apnea Treatment


One in four people with migraines has sleep apnea, which has led some people to wonder whether sleep apnea might contribute to migraines. If so, then sleep apnea treatment should give migraine relief, and, according to a small new study, … Continue reading

TMJ Changes Your Brain


TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) is more than just jaw pain, it’s a type of chronic pain with far-reaching consequences. It even has the ability to rewire your brain so that you respond differently to touch–your body expects pain from the … Continue reading

Mouthguards Do Not Protect Against Concussion


Modern research suggests that no mouthguard is capable of protecting against a concussion. Mouthguards can protect against dental injury and may help with performance through neuromuscular effects. This makes mouthguards a valuable part of your sporting safety, but reminds us … Continue reading

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