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Is Exercise a Migraine Trigger?


Some studies have shown that regular exercise is a great way to reduce the frequency of migraines, and may be as effective as medication. However, for other people exercise serves as a regular migraine trigger. Although there is some evidence that exercise is not as potent a migraine trigger as we used to believe, there […]

CPAP Both Helps and Fails Heart Patients


When people are hospitalized for cardiovascular problems, it’s an unfortunate truth that many of them will find their way back into the hospital soon after discharge. In fact, nearly a quarter (24%) of patients hospitalized for cardiovascular patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge. Researchers proposed that may be a major cause of this […]

Jaw Exercises for TMJ

Senior woman with both hands on her face

One thing you can try to help your TMJ is jaw exercises. These can help some people improve symptoms such as, and. Because of their potential value, these exercises can be tried as part of homecare before you see a doctor or dentist about your TMJ. TMJ Exercises Initially, you should do these exercises for […]

Smells That Cause (and Cure) Migraines


There are many different types of triggers, and it’s important for you to be aware of which ones are most likely to trigger yours. An important one to consider is smells. From 20-70% of migraine sufferers experience headaches caused by smells, and are sometimes said to be the second most common migraine trigger. However, there […]

How Sleep Helps Memory

Man sleeping peacefully in bed

Sleep is important for the brain to consolidate memory. In fact, sleep isn’t just one type of experience, it’s many types, each with a specialized role in promoting memories in your brain. You need them all to ensure your brain is functioning at its highest levels. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of sleep […]

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