Chronic pain is a significant issue in the United States; however, until now, it wasn’t apparent just how prevalent it had become.

The Institute of Medicine of The National Academies reports that approximately 33 percent of all Americans are suffering from chronic pain. This equates to about 100 million people, meaning pain affects more people than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined.

Additionally, new research appearing in the Journal of Pain indicates that U.S. citizens spend around $635 billion each year on expenses associated with chronic pain.

Raising Awareness

Back in 2001, the American Chronic Pain Association named September “Pain Awareness Month” in an attempt to increase public awareness regarding how common chronic pain has become. During September, ACPA partners, health care professionals and consumer groups work in concert to raise awareness in American communities to help improve the management of pain.

There have been significant advances in the way modern medicine treats pain; however, despite this, many people continue to suffer, because they remain unaware that there are effective treatment options available.

TMJ Disorder a Major Cause of Chronic Pain

For countless people, chronic pain stems from TMJ disorder, an unpleasant condition that causes all sorts of symptoms, from headaches to migraines, facial and neck pain, as well as ringing in the ears.

Fortunately, most people find lasting relief from TMJ pain, when they wear an oral appliance that works by fixing a misaligned bite. To learn more, Contact Us or call (303) 691-0267 today.