Usually when a patient is suspected of having sleep apnea, that patient would undergo a night sleep study at a local sleep center. These sleep studies are usually performed by a sleep physician using PSG technology. Once the test is complete, the patient leaves the sleep center and waits for his results to be reviewed for a proper diagnosis. But with the invention of NovaSom’s AccuSom’s at-home sleep apnea test, things have gotten quite a bit easier; and now that the company is boosting it’s effectiveness by a pairing with Verizon Wireless, fewer sleep apneics will have to suffer due to undiagnosed sleep apnea. NovaSom has opted to work alongside Verizon Wireless to make it’s at home sleep study more effective and reliable. Currently, AccuSom stands as the only FDA-approved home sleep test.

AccuSom is given to patients to use at home as a way of diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The device is a smart-phone-sized cardio-respiratory monitor that is able to receive, store, and send the patient’s respiration effort, snoring, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and respiration airflow. All of these are numbers that are closely examined to decide whether or not a patient has OSA. The device uses Verizon’s wireless network to maintain and transfer the collected data from the patient’s home to a management platform for the sleep physician to access.

Patients are able to use AccuSom at home for multi-night testing. Testing over a span of a few nights is said to be much more reliable when diagnosing a sleep apneic, when compared to the one night stay at a sleep center. Such a device also relieves some of the stress, fear, and anxiety that some patients may experience when undergoing the traditional sleep study.

Wireless or Not, Diagnosis Requires Immediate Treatment

The method of your diagnosis does not change whether or not you require sleep apnea treatment. A positive diagnosis of sleep apnea always means that treatment is required. The right sleep apnea treatment for OSA will keep you breathing at night, sleeping more soundly, and waking up much more refreshed and alert.

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