Sleep apnea is a condition that truly affects people in all aspects of their lives. When one isn’t able to get the quality, restorative sleep they need, sleep deprivation can cause all sorts of problems during normal, daily life, including a lack of concentration, energy, and high levels of fatigue. Being well-rested is important for peak performance in any job, but in some cases, certain employees put themselves and those around them in a high risk of danger and injury because of sleep deprivation. One such job is that of an air traffic controller. The FAA released a press release that mentioned fatigue and sleepiness while on the job.


The press release not only touches on the subject of overall fatigue and lack of sleep, but sleep apnea is called out specifically as a concern. Previously, air traffic controllers who were diagnosed with sleep apnea automatically lost their medical qualification and were no longer able to work their jobs. However, per the new guidelines outlined in the release, the FAA will uphold it’s previous decision but will now encourage those diagnosed with sleep apnea to seek the necessary medical treatment. Once proper treatment is received, the FAA hopes to create a process that allows workers to regain their medical qualification. The agency is also pushing for wider education and awareness regarding sleep apnea.

No matter if you’re a stay at home mom, a truck driver, a grocery store clerk or an air traffic controller, if you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, treatment is a must. With the proper sleep apnea treatment, you’ll wake up feeling rested and ready for each day instead of suffering from sleep deprivation, fatigue, and other symptoms of sleep apnea. If you’re ready to end your sleep apnea problems for good, call Dr. Berry’s office to schedule a consultation. Contact Dr. Berry online today, with any questions or call us at (303) 691-0267.