The symptoms and side effects of TMJ disorder vary from patient to patient though in the end many times patients are left dealing with chronic pain and are unable to do everyday tasks, such as eating and talking, without experiencing discomfort. Those with untreated TMJ often suffer from headaches, muscle spasms, tinnitus, dizziness, jaw pain, facial pain, and other problems. These symptoms are rarely constant but they always reappear, even after several remedies have been tested.

Since the symptoms associated with TMJ often become unbearable to just ignore, many will seek out various treatments to help get rid of the painful symptoms. Reiki and massage therapy are two very commonly sought treatment options for TMJ disorder sufferers. Reiki and massage therapy are alternative treatments that may provide some patients with relief, though relief is often temporary. With both reiki and massage therapy, practitioners aim to use non-invasive techniques to use healing energy in order to cure ailments.

TMJ Treatment Requires More Than Massages And Healing Energy

When all is said and done, while alternative TMJ treatments such as reiki and massage therapy for treating TMJ may provide some relief from the chronic pain and discomfort caused by the disorder, the bottom line is that permanent relief is only achieved when the root of the problem is found, addressed, and fixed. With TMJ, a patient’s discomfort and pain is usually caused by malocclusion, a problem that massage therapy nor reiki are able to fix. While patients may experience temporary relief, the problems will continue to return as long as the jaw joint is off balance or misaligned.

If you have tried everything under the sun to help rid you of your TMJ problems and symptoms, don’t waste time and money any longer. Come to Dr. Berry for a TMJ consultation so that a more ideal bite can be discovered which means that the stress and tension caused by an off-balance TMJ will be long gone. Contact us online or call (303) 691-0267 today to learn about TMJ treatment at our Denver office and how Dr. Berry can help you.