CPAP and sleep apnea treatment tend to go hand in hand. The CPAP, considered the gold-standard in treating sleep apnea, has become the go-to method to ensuring that sleep apneics sleep well at night. As the amount of patients diagnosed with sleep apnea continues to grow on a yearly basis, more and more sleep apneics are being fitted with a CPAP machine in hopes of providing for a safer night’s sleep. While the CPAP is a highly dependable technology when it is actually used, studies have shown that not all patients get the needed results using the machine because they just can’t stand it. Thousands of sleep apneics have proven to be CPAP-intolerant for various reasons, usually due to the discomfort that may be experienced from using the machine.

However, for these patients, it’s important to know that CPAP-intolerance is not a valid excuse to discontinue sleep apnea treatment. In fact, as dental and medical technology continues to grow and expand, more and more companies are creating alternative sleep apnea treatment devices that are able to treat the condition without use of the CPAP. One notable company is Ventus, makers of the newly showcased Provent technology. Provent was created in hopes of providing sleep apneics with another proven device that can be used to treat their sleep disorder. Provent makes use of the patient’s breathing pattern in order to ensure that airway blockage does not occur, therefore allowing for uninterrupted sleep.

As these devices continue to be produced and marketed, more and more insurance companies are thankfully providing insurance coverage for them. Oral appliances are becoming more readily insured, paving the way for possible insurance coverage of new devices as well. The technology thus far has proven to be successful in the few studies that are available, showing that patients involved in group studies using Provent have experienced an improvement in the AHI (apnea hypopnea index or the amount of stoppages in breathing) by 52%.

Patients who do not do get needed results from use of the CPAP often times limit the amount of usages of the CPAP. In some cases patients stop using their treatment altogether. However, patients should know that the CPAP is only one type of sleep apnea treatment and other proven and effective measures are readily available.

Dr. Berry can help any type of sleep apneic find the proper treatment to ensure that sleep is not only sound but safe at night. No matter if you’re a patient who has been recently diagnosed and is seeking treatment or if you’re a sleep apneic looking for an alternative to CPAP, you can depend on Dr. Berry to provide you with the treatment you need. Contact Dr. Berry online or call (303) 691-0267 today to learn about the various sleep apnea treatment options available to you.