Temporomandibular joint disorder plagues countless Americans, who find themselves in a constant struggle to find lasting relief. To help blunt their discomfort, many TMD sufferers rely on pain medications, which can have unwanted side-effects. Desperate for non-medicinal remedies, TMD sufferers are often willing to give anything a try. Sadly, this has opened the door for numerous product manufacturers who seek to profit off of other people’s misery.

The Face Caddy

TMJ painCountless companies sell products which supposedly offer relief from TMJ disorder; however, more often than not, these gimmicks yield very little – if any – benefits. One such company, called Caddy Products, LLC manufacturers a custom facial wrap which holds heat packets against the jaw joint. Marketed as the “Face Caddy” this product is available in a variety of colors and patterns, such as peacock, zebra print and more. Unfortunately, despite its stylish appearance, this contraption isn’t much more than a glorified heat wrap, with the power to offer little more than ten to twenty minutes of actual relief.

Gimmicks Don’t Work

Temporomandibular joint disorder is a serious condition that demands a serious treatment. If you suffer from TMD, you’re not going to find relief inside a catalog or on a late night infomercial. On the other hand, you can find permanent relief from TMJ disorder with the help of a treatment which addresses the root cause of the problem: your misaligned bite.

Real, Effective Help

Dr. Berry offers his patients permanent TMD relief by providing a treatment plan which corrects their bad bites. This smart, targeted strategy relies on advanced neuromuscular technologies which determine exactly how each patient’s jaw should align. With this information at hand, Dr. Berry is able to correct each person’s individual jaw problem; so he or she can live happy and comfortably without pain and other symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. To learn more, please call (303) 691-0267 at the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado in Denver today.