Countless people suffer from snoring; however, the causes are not always the same. While certain people owe this issue to benign physical characteristics; many snore because they have obstructive sleep apnea, a serious disorder that causes breathing difficulties during sleep.

Whatever the cause, snoring can make sleeping difficult both for sufferers and the people that share their beds. Desperate for help, some are willing to give any so-called remedy a try: even when it sounds way too good to be true. Recently, the Texas news station KTRK-TV tested the Brookstone Anti-snoring Pillow to see if it offered any real snoring relief; and the results weren’t consistent with the maker’s promises.

Brookstone Pillow Falls Short

Like several other companies, Brookstone sells a pillow that supposedly offers snoring relief by promoting better sleeping posture. To test its efficacy, KTRK-TV asked Matthew Hall to give it a test. A loyal KTRK-TV viewer, Hall hoped the device would put an end to his constant snoring. Unfortunately, the Brookstone Pillow provided no relief, despite the maker’s claims that it is clinically proven to alleviate snoring problems.

A Realistic Approach

In the vast majority of instances, a special pillow isn’t going to offer much snoring relief. Although people may snore for different reasons; most find lasting relief from a remedy that provides a clearer airway by repositioning the jaw. Oral appliances can silence snoring by doing just that. Most people stop snoring the first night they wear their customized appliance; however, to find relief, sufferers must first reach out for help.

Getting Help

Snoring doesn’t have to keep you and your partner awake at night. To find out how you can enjoy quiet, comfortable sleep on a nightly basis, contact Dr. Berry’s office today. Don’t endure night after night of sleeping difficulties when help is a phone call away. Please call (303) 691-0267 at the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado in Denver today.

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