Chronic pain is a fact of life for numerous Americans, who must struggle to do things most of us take for granted. In search of relief, many people have no choice but to rely on pain medications which can put their long-term health at risk. Because they worry about the lasting effects of these drugs, some people are willing to try almost anything to help ease their pain. That said, according to a new study, in some instances, pain relief may be as simple as getting close to someone.

The Power of Social Interaction

A study out of Ohio State University suggests that social interaction and companionship may help people cope with pain and even heal at a faster rate. To reach their findings, researchers kept a group of mice one-to-a-cage and another group of mice two-to-a-cage. All of the mice suffered from a specific type of nerve disorder that causes chronic pain; however, over time, the “social” mice showed a better response to pain, while also demonstrating advanced healing when compared to their isolated counterparts.

Researchers theorize that, because pain response in humans is highly modulated by attitude, expectation and mood, social interaction has the potential to relieve chronic pain for many individuals.

Getting Real About TMJ Pain

While there’s no doubting the power of social interaction and companionship; there are better ways to treat TMJ pain. A bite splint has the ability to provide very real pain relief by correcting a misaligned bite.

While research has shown that the mind has the power to determine how we cope with pain; we know real pain relief starts with the body. Contact Dr. Berry or call the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado at (303) 691-0267 for a TMJ remedy that provides actual pain relief which will stand the test of time.