Whenever you hear or read something about sleep apnea you’ll more than likely encounter CPAP technology. Over the years CPAP has become the gold standard for treating those with sleep apnea. The technology has proven to be very effective and most sleep physicians tend to prescribe CPAP for patient who have sleep apnea. CPAP technology uses a pressurized air hose that delivers a continuous flow of oxygen to the patient through a mask worn over the face.

Some people find that wearing a mask to sleep is too unnatural and is extremely uncomfortable. Others find that the noise created by the machine is unbearable and doesn’t allow for an environment that is fitting for a good night’s sleep. In some cases, sleep apneics will stop using CPAP completely which then puts them in a dangerous situation because their deadly condition is no longer being treated.


Patients using CPAP aren’t the only ones to suffer from using the machine, people who have to sleep with the CPAP user are affected as well. Take for instance a woman’s story of, in her own words, having to sleep, or not sleep with Darth Vader. As a wife of a man who is fitted with a CPAP machine, Kelly Prill discusses how the machine keeps her awake at night due to the noise that the machine makes. She goes on to say that the only way she can sleep is if she falls asleep before her husband turns on the machine. Despite having many mask adjustments and other slight tweaks, the whistling, “farting,” and other noises caused by the machine were causing sleep interruptions which could easily lead to sleep deprivation and fatigue (for both parties).

Though CPAP is a proven sleep apnea treatment, in some cases, despite the obvious benefits, using the machine can become more of a problem rather than a solution. In this case seeking alternative sleep apnea treatment methods is ideal.

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