Parkinson’s disease affects approximately one million people in the United States, with most experiencing a host of trying symptoms, including poor balance, tremors, difficulty walking, slow movement, rigidity and memory loss.

Although there is no cure, experts believe that exercise may be able to slow the disease’s progression. The following video details an exercise program conducted at the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. There, physical, speech and occupational therapists coach Parkinson’s sufferers on ways they can use body movements to improve speech, memory, balance, mobility, posture and motor problems.

Although exercise may very well relieve symptoms associated with Parkinson’s, it may not provide enough constant help. Patients may need treatment that is constantly effective, rather than relying exclusively on coping therapies or support groups. Fortunately, many people find lasting relief from Parkinson’s symptoms when they wear an oral appliance, which relieves pressure on nerve pathways by adjusting the bite. To learn more, Contact Us or call (303) 691-0267 today.