Despite being widely-diagnosed in many patients, temporomandibular disorder remains a relatively unknown and misunderstood health problem. Many Americans suffer from the painful symptoms of TMJ that make life unenjoyable, and often these symptoms never go away until proper treatment is sought. Just recently, well-known country music singer LeAnne Rimes had treatment for her TMJ which has helped to spread interest and awareness of the condition.

Understanding TMJ Disorder

With TMJ disorder, the problem lies within the jaw joint as well as the surrounding muscles that allow the jaw to move. The problem, usually an imbalance or misalignment, can be caused by many things including teeth-clenching and grinding, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, stress, and even a strong blow to the head or whiplash. At the same time, another common problem known to cause TMJ is a bad bite, or poor bite alignment when the mouth is closed.

Since a bad bite is such a common cause of TMJ, non-invasive treatment has been developed to re-balance and realign the bite. In any case, no matter the cause of your TMJ, the condition can deplete the quality of your life.

Surgery as a TMJ Treatment

As for Rimes, her treatment for TMJ required surgery because her symptoms were so intense. While surgery can be successful for some patients, it is not the ideal or go-to method for treating the condition.

If you suffer from common TMJ symptoms, such as jaw pain, neck pain, facial pain, and migraines along with muscle tenderness and a sore jaw, there is a non-invasive TMJ treatment available for you. Dr. Berry’s treatment is highly effective and requires no down-time. To discuss TMJ treatment options, contact Dr. Berry’s office online or call (303) 691-0267 today.