Sleep is a fascinating thing that attracts the attention of numerous researchers. For many years, people have pondered why we slumber; and health professionals have many questions pertaining to sleep and the many benefits it provides. Research suggests that inadequate sleep can lead to an assortment of deadly health problems; however, it’s not clear why this link exists. That being said, although we still aren’t sure why we need sleep, we do know some fascinating facts relating to how we do it.

Interesting Research

Recently, Anna’s Linens conducted a survey asking over 3,500 people how they slept each night. Among other things, the California-based linens and bedding company uncovered the following:

  • About three-quarters of respondents said they slept while lying on their sides, while one in ten percent said they slept on their backs and 16 percent said they slept on their stomachs.
  • Around 33 percent said they go to bed wearing pajamas, while nearly one in ten said they slept in the nude.
  • Just over 50 percent of respondents said they could remember less than a quarter of their dreams, while 10 percent said they could recall all of them.
  • Amazingly, 47 percent of the survey’s participants said they shared their beds with a snorer.
  • 8% of Americans Sleep Naked

A Common Problem

To many people, sleep is a mysterious and fascinating thing; to others it’s a comfortable, welcoming respite from everyday events. That said, for numerous people, it’s an ordeal characterized by loud, disturbing bouts of snoring.

This recent survey provides some fascinating facts about how we sleep. It also indicates that nearly one in two Americans is forced to endure restless nights owed to their own – or their partner’s – snoring problem. Fortunately, help is just a phone call away. A simple oral appliance can silence snoring by providing a clearer airway. This promotes unobstructed breathing that eliminates the annoying noise that can make it nearly impossible to sleep. To learn more about this effective snoring remedy, please call (303) 691-0267 at the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado in Denver today.