Hypnosis has been used for decades in the world of alternative treatments. Some say that by using hypnosis – or making someone “sleepy” – the brain becomes more aware, focused, and receptive. Hypnosis has become a very popular alternative method for patients seeking a natural therapy with little to no side effects. Most recently, hypnosis has made its way into the dental community as a possible way to relieve problems associated with TMJ.

According to this article regarding hypnosis and its uses, the alternative treatment was tested on forty women who were diagnosed with TMJ. After four hour-long sessions and some at home practice, the women who underwent hypnosis reported that they suffered from less pain when compared to the control group which was treated with other techniques.

While hypnosis may lessen the severity and intensity of TMJ symptoms, the fact remains that hypnosis can only help to lessen the pain. Ultimately, TMJ sufferers aren’t looking to just have less pain; they’re looking to have no pain at all.

Unfortunately, no alternative treatment has the power to permanently fix your TMJ problem and get rid of your TMJ disorder symptoms. A proven way to effectively treat TMJ is by repositioning the jaw into a more ideal location and bite. A properly-aligned bite helps to minimize stress and tension and reduce or eliminate TMJ symptoms.

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