Most people understand that inadequate sleep can cause a myriad of problems, including low productivity and increased anxiety; however, few realize what else it can do. Studies have linked sleep deprivation to serious medical conditions, including dementia, diabetes and heart disease. Now, a new study suggests that poor sleep could actually have a negative impact on the very structure of the human body by weakening bones.

Depleting Bone Density

New research suggests that inadequate sleep could promote osteoporosis, while also negatively affecting bone marrow composition. Published in the journal Experimental Biology and Medicine, the study found that sleep deprived rats had lower bone densities than did their well-rested counterparts. What’s more, they also held less fat in their bone marrow: a problem that negatively impacts aging, development, blood cell differentiation, as well as healing and repair.

What it Means for Sleep Apneics

Researchers believe that poor sleep can have the same effect on humans, especially if they have chronic problems that last for years. Because sleep apnea promotes frequent waking, sufferers tend to suffer from sleep deprivation.

As more and more research piles up, it’s becoming clear that poor sleep leaves us susceptible to all sorts of medical problems. Fortunately, Dr. Berry can provide a comfortable, effective sleep apnea treatment that can help you get the sleep you need, each and every night. Contact his office online or call (303) 691-0267 to learn more.