James Gandolfini’s passing saddened numerous fans; however, it may prove to be a wake-up call for countless Americans who’ve been taking their health for granted. According to reports, the famous actor suffered a massive heart attack while on vacation in Italy. Sadly, most health experts agree that his death could have been prevented had he taken steps to address existing health problems that ultimately led to his untimely demise.

A Ticking Time Bomb

Like millions of other Americans, Gandolfini was several pounds overweight; however, reports suggest that he had other problems which increased his risk for heart trouble. Many people who were close to the actor said he snored heavily; and health experts have speculated that the actor likely suffered from sleep apnea. Whatever the case, the beloved Sopranos star missed the chance to extend his life by improving his health. Fortunately, however, many people are pointing to this tragedy as motivation to get their acts together.

Losing Weight

Millions of Americans are obese or overweight. According to health experts, by losing just a few pounds, people can significantly lower their chances of developing cardiovascular disease. With that being said, researchers have determined that all fat isn’t the same. Numerous studies have linked belly fat to fatal cardiac arrest. If you have a lot of fat around the midsection, you are especially at risk for life-threatening problems.


Although it can be relatively harmless in certain instances, snoring is often a sign of obstructive sleep apnea: a dangerous disorder that’s been linked to numerous health problems. Studies have clearly shown that sleep apnea drastically increases a person’s risk of heart disease. It’s also been linked to cancer, dementia, diabetes and other scary medical problems.

We often associate snoring and sleep apnea with obesity; however, anyone can suffer from the former problems, regardless of his or her body mass. If you suffer from frequent waking, daytime fatigue in addition to snoring, you may have sleep apnea. If so, your life is at risk; however, with treatment, your symptoms will disappear and your health will improve.

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