Relaxation Isn’t A Permanent Cure

Nowadays there are all sorts of alternative treatments and therapies available to patients. Many of the treatments and therapies offered are usually sought by people who are suffering from chronic pain or some other condition that hasn’t been thoroughly relieved through other means. A very popular alternative treatment is medical massage. Medical massage involves a very hands-on type of treatment, especially for patients suffering from specific injuries as well as patients who have from chronic pain. Medical massage often involves treatment from both a physician as well as a certified massage therapist.

In the end, while patients may find that medical massages do in fact relieve their TMJ symptoms such as neck pain, jaw pain, and facial pain, in the end massages are only temporary fixes. While patients may experience relief, the relief is only temporary and often another massage is needed after a certain amount of time passes.

When TMJ is properly treated, treatment will result in a permanent fix which is often much less expensive and time consuming. With a few visits to to Dr. Berry’s office, patients will have the permanent relief that they have been seeking all along. Don’t let TMJ symptoms continue to guide your life. Instead, contact Dr. Berry online or call (303) 691-0267 today, to learn more about TMJ and the available treatments.