young adult woman holding her head in painMigraines bring crippling pain that can make it almost impossible for people to function at work or at home. In search of relief, many turn to prescription and over-the-counter drugs specifically created to provide migraine relief. Unfortunately, like most medications, these drugs come with a certain amount of risk.

Recall Attracts Attention

Recently, the Novartis Corporation voluntarily recalled a popular migraine medication due to contamination concerns. Dubbed Excedrin Migraine, this drug normally contains a combination of caffeine, aspirin and acetaminophen. Unfortunately, reports say at least some of the containers were found to contain caplets from other products, which ultimately prompted to recall.

Drug recalls are typically rare; however, this particular incident has served to remind many people that drugs aren’t necessarily a risk-free way to cope with migraine pain. Many people experience no relief when they take these medications. Additionally, research suggests that chronic use of acetaminophen can promote liver damage.

What’s Really Causing Your Pain?

Migraine headaches can prompt sufferers to try just about anything, without any thought toward potential risk. That being said, although some can blame genetics for their migraine pain; others are much luckier.

Many people don’t know that their migraine-like headaches are really the result of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Typically, caused by a bad or misaligned bite, TMJ disorder can cause several unpleasant symptoms, including migraine-like headaches. Often, people think they are getting migraines, when they are actually enduring symptoms of TMJ disorder.

A Quick Fix

If TMJ disorder is causing your migraine-like pain; you’re quite fortunate. A bite splint can relieve your headaches by repairing your misaligned bite. To find out how this effective TMJ treatment can improve the quality of your life, Contact Us today or call the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado at (303) 691-0267 to schedule your consultation.