Migraine headaches aren’t just painful; they can have debilitating effects that make it difficult or impossible for people to function at work. Unfortunately, many unknowing people regard migraines as simple headaches, without understanding just how complex and overwhelming they can be. In fact, a recent study suggests that most migraine sufferers feel they are treated unfairly by their employers, with many saying they’ve even been disciplined for their conditions.

Troubling Survey

New research suggests that most employers aren’t particularly understanding, when it comes to tolerating workers who have migraines. Commissioned on behalf of the charity Migraine Trust, the study revealed the following:

  • 40 percent of migraine sufferers said they felt unsupported by their colleagues and bosses.
  • Several respondents said they’ve felt pressure to hide their symptoms for fear that they might be looked down on.
  • Nearly 33 percent of sufferers reported that they had been disciplined for missing time because of migraine symptoms.

A Widespread Problem

The Migraine Trust reports that migraines lead to more missed work time than any other illness. Unfortunately, people who don’t get migraines tend to underestimate just how debilitating these so-called headaches can be. Many sufferers experience numbness, partial blindness and nausea in addition to near-crippling pain.

To date, there’s no definitive cure for migraines; however, many people are able to better manage their conditions by avoiding certain catalysts, such as chocolate, caffeine, MSG and other foods and spices. That said, numerous people believe they can’t limit the frequency in which they get migraines, because they owe the problem to TMJ disorder.

Getting Help

TMJ disorder has been shown to cause severe headaches that resemble migraines. Often, when patients receive an effective remedy for TMJ disorder, their headaches diminish or disappear entirely.

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