Because they are unrelenting and difficult to treat, chronic conditions tend to leave people feeling hopeless. Sadly, according to a recent study, these negative feelings often force many people to end their lives prematurely.

Increased Suicide Risk

Migraines and headaches can lead to increased suicide riskNew research indicates that people are more likely to commit suicide when they suffer from migraines and other types of chronic pain. To reach their findings, researchers looked over years of medical records from the U.S. Veterans Health Administration. Ultimately, they found a correlation between suicide attempts, migraines and relentless pain. In the end, this risk was especially evident when patients were unable to attain noticeable relief from any treatment strategy.

How it Applies to TMJ Disorder

A debilitating condition that causes chronic pain and severe headaches, temporomandibular joint disorder can leave people feeling hopeless and depressed. While there’s no evidence that TMD sufferers have a higher risk of suicide; it’s clear that this trying condition can drastically reduce the quality of a sufferer’s life, especially when you factor in other symptoms, such as chewing difficulties and tinnitus.

Hope for TMD Sufferers

Unlike many people who suffer from chronic conditions, TMD patients do have very good treatment options. Dr. Berry offers his patients lasting TMJ relief by providing a remedy that addresses the root cause of the problem: a misaligned bite. With treatment, patients are able to enjoy a higher quality of life, free from pain, eating restrictions and pain medications that come with potential long-term risks.

There’s simply no reason to live a difficult life marked by unpleasant TMD symptoms. You can enjoy a happier, pain-free life just like your friends and family. Please call (303) 691-0267 at the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado in Denver, to learn about an effective treatment strategy that will free you from the debilitating effects of TMJ disorder.