mature woman holding her forehead in painMillions of Americans suffer from migraine headaches, which can cause debilitating symptoms, such as severe pain, nausea, temporary blindness, numbness and sensitivity to sound and light. That said, while some people believe they are getting migraine headaches, many are actually suffering from TMJ disorder, a medical condition that causes inflammation in the muscles that surround the jaw joint.

The Link

Researchers have found a complex relationship between migraines and TMJ disorder. For many people, TMJ disorder can promote migraines; however, in certain instances, one condition masquerades as the other.

Health professionals have found that some people experience pain along the temporomandibular joint during a migraine; likewise, patients who suffer from TMJ disorder often experience painful headaches that are sometimes mistaken for migraines.

Getting Help

Often, patients do not know whether they are experiencing symptoms associated with migraines or TMJ disorder until they receive treatment. While some find relief when they take migraine medications; others continue to experience symptoms until they receive an effective TMJ treatment, such as oral appliance therapy, which corrects a misaligned bite.

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