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5 Often-Overlooked Sleep Apnea Symptoms


Snoring excepted, many people with sleep apnea suffer in silence. But snoring alone is not always a symptom of sleep apnea, and if only people realized the impact sleep apnea on their lives, they would be more likely to speak up to their doctor. Following are five common, but less-obvious, symptoms of sleep apnea. 1. […]

Alligator Discovery May Lead to Better Understanding of TMJ


Scientists have long known that the crocodilian species — which includes various types of crocodiles, alligators and caimans — have the strongest bites in the animal kingdom. What was not entirely understood was just how these aquatic reptiles are able to generate such extreme force. But the recent discovery of a second jaw joint in […]

Sleep Apnea Strikes Out Against Baseball All-Star


This week marks the opening of the 2016 baseball season, and while the Denver-based Colorado Rockies again seem faced with big questions, one Major League All-Star in the offseason found the answer to sleep apnea, a common and potentially life-threatening disorder. Fielder Fields Sleep Apnea Early in spring training, six-time All-Star Prince Fielder, who currently […]

The Nerve: TMJ Shares Symptoms with Rare Trigeminal Disorder


Because temporomandibular joint disorder is characterized by a number of symptoms that are common in other medical problems or health ailments, many patients suffer through multiple attempts at diagnosis before arriving at a neuromuscular dentist with experience in correctly assessing and successfully treating TMJ disorder. But as a recent Washington Post article points out, there […]

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