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Custom Mouthguards Worth the Cost

Photo of a Pure Power Mouthguard

In contact sports, it is common (and wise) to wear a sports mouthguard to protect your teeth. Without these guards, teeth may become chipped, cracked, or broken from impacts. Determining what kind of mouthguard to buy can be a difficult choice. The most protective and comfortable guards out there are custom ones created by a […]

Migraines May Lead to Social Isolation

Woman sitting down with a migraine

One of the big challenges in our lives is forging and maintaining social relationships. Time management, self-esteem, employment, and hygiene are a few factors that can make maintaining relationships easier or more difficult. Frequent migraines caused by TMJ can make this already challenging task seem insurmountable. Focusing on something as simple as a conversation while […]

TMJ and Anxiety May be Linked

Business man feeling anxiety at work

Studies have found a possible link between TMJ and anxiety. At present, findings have suggested that TMJ can be caused by anxiety, and anxiety can be caused by TMJ. A large number of variables have made it difficult to determine the exact relationship between the two, but the link seems to be there. People suffering […]

NIH Grant Funding for Possible Sleep Apnea Drug

Mature man sleeping in his bed

In the ongoing search to find medications for breathing disorders like sleep apnea and asthma, two teams of researchers based at the University of Chicago have received grants from the National Institutes of Health for the development of possible solutions. One team, lead by Nanduri Prabhakar, PhD, will focus on researching and perfecting a possible […]

Sleep Resets and Restores Your Body

A quality nights rest can help your body by restoring the energy you need for daily activities

During the day, our bodies take all kinds of abuse from our daily lives that we don’t even notice. From the spine-jarring action of walking on the sidewalk to expending large amounts of energy running for the bus stop, our bodies are worn out by the day’s end. Our sympathetic nervous system, which is active […]

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