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Five Questions to Ask before Trying Home Care for TMJ

Pain medication may only give temporary relief for TMJ pain

To get the best results from TMJ treatment, it’s advised that you start with the most minimally invasive treatments before moving on to more invasive and irreversible treatments. So starting with home care is a good idea most of the time. But before you try a home care routine, it’s important to ask several questions […]

New Foundation Ignores Dental Causes and Symptoms of TMJ

TMJ disorder can make it miserable for your jaw.

A new organization launched this month with the goal of conducting research and educating people with TMJ disorders and facial palsy. The Foundation for Facial Recovery aims to be a resource for healthcare providers so that they can properly diagnose facial palsy and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). According to the Foundation’s news release on Globe […]

Sleep Apnea Doubles the Risk of Workplace Injury

Sleep apnea can make dangerous work more dangerous.

Recent research shows that sleep apnea doubles the risk of workplace injury, making it more dangerous than other sleep problems. With this increased risk, it’s important for workers who are at risk of harming themselves and others to get sleep apnea treatment. Linking Accidents and Apnea Researchers in this study started by recruiting more than […]

New Research May Lead to Better Chronic Pain Treatment for Women

Young woman with TMJ pain

Chronic pain is one of the most common and disabling conditions in America, with 100 million Americans—and nearly half of all women—suffering. And many of our treatments don’t work well enough, but new research might change that. The existing model for pain management says hormones like estrogen alter a common pain circuit present in both […]

How the Trigeminal Nerve Links TMJ and Migraines

Woman with a throbbing migraine

Many people have difficulty understanding how a jaw disorder like TMJ can be linked to severe headaches and especially migraines. After all, migraines are caused inside the head, and are linked to a wide range of triggers that don’t seem to have any relationship to the jaw. But there is an important link between your […]

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