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Hot n’ Cold: Treating TMJ Pain at Home

How to treat TMJ

If you suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder, called TMJ for short, you’re no stranger to . Whether yours is uncomfortable or excruciating, intermittent or constant, jaw pain is a hallmark symptom of TMJ. And while can help reduce or prevent pain on a larger scale, sometimes you’re just sitting at home or at work, wishing […]

Maintaining Oral Hygiene When You Have TMJ

Maintaining Oral Hygiene When You Have TMJ

Living with temporomandibular joint disorder, more commonly known as , means lots of things. It means monitoring everything from your to your pain triggers to keep your jaw working as normally as possible. It means working with professionals for treatment and putting together a , because this complex disorder needs to be approached on multiple […]

CPAP Can Help… If You Use It Right

man with sleep apnea using CPAP machine

If you’ve been doing your research on sleep apnea, you know that this sleep disorder is accompanied by some , ranging from blindness to stroke to kidney disease. To avoid those risks, it’s essential to seek treatment for sleep apnea. But new research shows that simply going through the motions of may not be enough […]

Lessen TMJ Pain With Nutritional Choices

Biting an apple

If you suffer from , you are probably already getting treatment from a dentist to reduce pain and prevent further damage to your joints. Treatments from medical professionals are imperative, since untreated TMJ generally worsens over time. But medical professionals aren’t the only ones who can help reduce the pain caused by TMJ: you have […]

Sleep Apnea Shares Deadly Risks of Hypertension


You’re probably aware of the dangers of high blood pressure, also called hypertension. The long term pressure of your blood against your artery walls can eventually lead to health problems if untreated. But are you aware that those same risks accompany sleep apnea? The Dangers of Hypertension Although the heart problems associated with hypertension are […]

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