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Is Sleep Apnea Linked to Cognitive Decline?

Man looking sad and confused

Even though the average person may still view as little more than an embarrassing or disruptive snoring problem, studies have repeatedly shown that the widespread sleeping disorder is responsible for a host of . Stroke, heart disease, kidney damage, and more are all provably connected to sleep apnea. But apparently that list isn’t long and […]

How to Self-Screen for TMJ

Neck pain is one of a few TMJ symptoms

Some estimates suggest that over ten million Americans are affected by TMJ. Could you be one of them? can be difficult to diagnose, particularly since many of the symptoms, such as a persistent ringing in the ears or tingling in the fingers, don’t seem related to the jaw at all. But if you are suffering […]

Piercings, Gum, and Fingernails: Are Your Habits Giving You TMJ?

Woman starting to eat a piece of gum

Some estimates suggest that more than 10 million Americans suffer from , a disorder in which the jaw joint is misaligned, creating tension and pain. And it’s no wonder that the disorder is so common — a new study shows that habits as seemingly harmless as chewing gum can put undue pressure on the temporomandibular […]

There’s An App For That Apnea (Or Will Be!)


It’s a common misconception that is nothing more than a snoring problem. But in reality, sleep apnea is a dangerous, potentially even deadly disorder that impacts everything from your daily routines to your life expectancy. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes the sleeper’s airway to become obstructed, stopping breathing. Some sleep apnea sufferers […]

Winter Woes: Cold Weather’s Effect on TMJ Pain


There’s no time like the winter time! Beautiful white snowscapes, steaming hot chocolate, glistening icicles along the eaves of the house, and increased jaw pain — wait, what? Despite the things that make winter great, the cold weather can also come with heightened for many people. Though some people think pain fluctuation based on weather […]

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