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Oral Appliances Are a Good Alternative for Truckers

Truck driver en route

We recently discussed how CPAP is proving to be a difficult method of treatment for sleep apnea for those with PTSD, and truck drivers have been also finding issues with CPAP. The federal government has been increasing screenings for sleep apnea among truckers. While this is not necessary a bad idea, there has been some […]

Oral Appliances Can Help With Parkinson’s Disease

Illustration of Parkinson's Disease on the human brain

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disease that affects motor skills. Usually those diagnosed with Parkinson’s experience debilitating tremors as well as stiff muscles. Many people also rely heavily on expensive medication that only mask some of the symptoms. While there is not a cure for Parkinson’s as of yet, there is treatment that can help […]

Can Ear Piercings Alleviate Migraines?

Business woman with an intense migraine

Most migraine sufferers have tried many different treatments, often with little or no success, until they stumble on something that works. That was the case for a British woman, who recently found that her ear piercing relieved her migraines. And she’s not the only one to get these results. Could this really be a new […]

Sleep Apnea’s Impact on Daily Cognition

Older man having trouble thinking

We know that sleep apnea has a long-term impact on cognition. It can lead to dementia. But it’s been harder to measure the impact of sleep apnea on your cognitive acuity daily. Now, though, researchers have shown that they can measure cognitive changes related to sleep apnea on a daily basis. Not only that, they […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Break the Cycle of Poor Health

Sleep apnea can make your health go in the wrong direction

Many people with sleep apnea don’t realize they have it. They also don’t realize that it’s behind many of the serious health problems they’ve been experiencing. Worse, when people have sleep apnea, it creates a cycle of poor health that can cause rapid declines in health and make it hard to get better. Fortunately, sleep […]

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