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Your Posture at Work Could Cause TMJ

Bad sitting posture, looking at his computer.

Stress from work can lead to the development of TMJ, but that’s not the only way that your career may cause your jaw to hurt. Many jobs require you to sit at a desk or stand at a counter for long periods of time while working on projects. The temptation to achieve a more comfortable […]

New Hope in Sight for MS Patients

A nerve cell with MS

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating degenerative condition characterized by a range of symptoms. This disease is caused by the immune system attacking the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord nerves) as though they were foreign pathogens. The immune system’s attack causes inflammation in the nerves, which often leads to numbness in parts of […]

iCat Technology Improves TMJ and Sleep Apnea Treatment

iCat machine

Dental technology is always evolving, seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of dental practice. It is important for dentists to continue to evaluate and bring new technologies into their practices as they become available. Dentists should do this whenever a technology offers true benefits for patients. One technology that we think will be very helpful […]

Sleep Apnea and Heartburn Possibly Linked

Man with his hand on his chest, from heartburn.

Sleep apnea and acid reflux (GERD) are both conditions that affect a large number of people in the United States. GERD is estimated to affect 7 million people in the U.S., and sleep apnea is thought to affect as many as 18 million. Although the two disrupt your body in very different ways, studies have […]

TMJ Can Hurt Your Career and Self Worth

Young man with jaw pain

TMJ can negatively influence a career, or even make it hard to get a job in the first place. When people are in pain, even seemingly simple tasks can seem like a mountain to accomplish. Pain costs an estimated $294 billion annually in lost workdays, medical costs, and other benefit costs. Having constant pain flare-ups […]

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