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Should Everyone Be Tested for Sleep Apnea?


There are plenty of routine screenings that are accepted as a normal part of our lives and medical experiences. When women reach their forties, doctors start recommending that they get regular mammograms to screen for breast cancer. Once you hit fifty, you enter colonoscopy territory. Tests like these become standard because they can help expose […]

Not All TMJ Symptoms Are In Your Jaw


For people suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder, commonly referred to as , there are a variety of unpleasant symptoms. is a common indicator of the disorder, as is the tendency to . Some people experience when they open and close their mouths. But despite the fact that TMJ is rooted in the jaw, not all […]

Sleep Apnea Endangers Truckers, Train Operators


Last week, a commuter train derailed at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal, injuring more than a hundred people. The cause of the crash hasn’t yet been confirmed, but it didn’t take long for investigators to draw comparisons to a similar crash in Hoboken last September. The cause of that crash was . The train operator in the […]

Bite Splints Can Provide TMJ Relief


Every case of TMJ is different, and because of that, every treatment must also be different. One common treatment is a , which is popular because it’s a quick-working solution that isn’t permanent, providing flexibility of treatment. While a bite splint isn’t the right treatment for everyone, it’s a good start for many people suffering […]

Broncos Past and Present Join Fight to Tackle Sleep Apnea


A number of current and former Denver Broncos players, as well as other NFL greats, will ring in the new year with an event to raise awareness about and its related health risks. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet NFL players, learn about sleep apnea, win prizes, and bid on sports memorabilia in a […]

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