We all hope to avoid pain; however, in certain situations, it can be even worse to watch another person suffer. When our friends or family are hurting, we can endure serious emotional distress. Now, new research indicates that we can also experience actual physical pain in response to theirs.

When Caring Causes Pain

A German study indicates that people can experience real physical discomfort in response to a loved one who is suffering. In conducting their study, the researchers had numerous subjects listen from another room, while their loved ones made moaning and crying noises consistent with pain. Interestingly, this noise alone was enough to cause the same brain activity that happens in response to actual physical pain.

When Loved Ones Are Suffering

It can be hard for people to care for loved ones who are in pain. Unfortunately, each day countless Americans are forced to watch their cherished husbands, wives and relatives suffer through the trying symptoms of TMJ disorder. Sadly, since they don’t hold the power to treat this debilitating disorder, these people can offer little more than therapeutic heat wraps, ice packs and softer meals that aren’t so difficult to chew.

You Can Help

If temporomandibular joint disorder is hurting someone you love, you can help. Dr. Berry has the power to permanently relieve symptoms of TMJ disorder by offering a treatment strategy that focuses on the root source of the problem.

Most of the time, TMD is the result of a misaligned bite. By addressing this fundamental issue, Dr. Berry is able to relieve every symptom of TMJ disorder, from jaw pain to chewing difficulties to headaches and more.

Don’t sit by and watch your cherished loved ones suffer in silence; pick up the phone and please call (303) 691-0267 at the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado in Denver today. With an effective treatment, TMJ symptoms will disappear, and your loved ones will be as happy as they were before this trying disorder fell upon them.