TiredThese days, life moves quickly and many people are having a difficult time keeping up. A recent survey suggests that 83 percent of Americans sleep poorly or inconsistently. In fact, this problem runs so rampant, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has named insufficient sleep a public health epidemic. All sorts of different things can cause sleep problems; however, according to a recent study, pain is a very common culprit.

Why Can’t America Sleep?

To see why sleeping problems plague so many people, researchers from Harris Interactive conducted a poll, which included over 1,000 adults. After pouring over the results, they found the following:

  • Nearly half of respondents said they couldn’t sleep because of stress or anxiety; while 47 percent blamed overactive minds.
  • 32 percent said they were just too tired to sleep; while 23 percent blamed audible distractions.
  • 23 percent of respondents said pets or children kept them awake at night; while 18 percent blamed breathing problems.
  • 17 percent said their spouses or partners kept them from sleeping well; while an astounding 38 percent blamed pain for their sleeping difficulties.

Focusing on Pain

Chronic pain interferes with all aspects of a person’s life; however, when it keeps them awake at night, serious consequences can follow. Studies have linked sleeping problems with some disturbing medical issues, including heart disease, cancer dementia and diabetes. Based on a growing body of evidence, it’s clear that pain doesn’t just make life miserable; it also has the power to indirectly shorten it.

What if You Have TMJ Disorder?

A trying condition that causes chewing difficulties, facial tenderness, tinnitus, headaches and pain, temporomandibular joint disorder can make it hard to get through the day. It can also make nighttime difficult by causing sleeping problems.

Fortunately, if you suffer from TMJ disorder, help is just a phone call away. Dr. Berry offers an effective treatment for TMJ disorder that works by targeting the root cause: a misaligned bite. To learn how you can escape a hard life marked by TMJ pain, please call (303) 691-0267 at the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado in Denver today.