Tourette syndrome affects about one percent of the population, with many enduring characteristic tics, such as mouth twitching, rapid blinking, throat-clearing and more. In search of relief, some turn to over-the-counter supplements. Unfortunately, a recent study suggests that one popular supplement doesn’t provide much help to people who are suffering from Tourette Syndrome.

Fish Oil Study

Recently, a group of experts conducted a study to see if fish oil supplements could relieve symptoms associated with Tourette syndrome. In conducting their study, the researchers recruited 33 Tourette Syndrome patients and had them take either fish oil capsules or placebo capsules filled with olive oil. After 20 weeks, all subjects showed about the same rate of improvement, indicating that the fish oil supplements had little effect on the participants’ symptoms.

Finding Relief

This new study is bound to disappoint the many people who hoped fish oils might be a good alternative to modern Tourette’s medications, which can be especially difficult to tolerate. Many of these medications include antipsychotics, anti-seizure drugs and antidepressants, which can promote depression, fatigue and weight gain.

That said, many patients find lasting relief from Tourette syndrome, when they wear an oral appliance, which adjusts the bite to relieve pressure on nerve pathways. Often, patients notice immediate results the moment they place the appliances inside their mouths.

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