When people laugh, we generally conclude that they are happy and enjoying themselves. Laughter is the most common way a person expresses joy. Though laughter may not seem like anything more than what it is; in recent times, it has been used as both physical and emotional therapy. Studies have determined that laughter can cause various psychological changes within the body, namely elevated blood pressure and faster breathing, both of which introduce more oxygen into the blood. For many people, laughter is the best type of medicine available, and it comes free.

That said, although laughter has proved to relieve the symptoms associated with minor health problems, it isn’t likely to relieve those associated with painful conditions, such as TMJ.

TMJ Can End Your Happiness

Even though not all TMJ sufferers will experience constant daily pain, proper TMJ treatment is still vital if one hopes to prevent the condition from getting worse. Laughing isn’t able to cure a problem within the jaw joint. In fact, in some TMJ patients, laughing can become painful. It’s not rare for TMJ patients to experience a downward spiral with their condition, a common occurrence when treatment isn’t sought and tension and stress on the jaw joint continues. The painful symptoms associated with TMJ can make life miserable.

Laughing can help uplift the spirit; however, a positive attitude and outlook on life should not keep you from the dentist’s office, especially if you suffer from the common symptoms associated with TMJ. TMJ disorder can make life unbearable, but treatment can help you regain your life, smile, and ability to laugh. For more information regarding TMJ, contact Dr. Berry online or call (303) 691-0267 today