Although many people remain unaware of TMJ, studies suggest that thousands of people may suffer from the disorder. Though it remains relatively unknown, TMJ can be a life altering problem; however, the condition can be avoided through early detection and immediate treatment.

Patients who grind or clench their teeth while sleeping should make a trip to the dentist’s office to acquire a mouthguard that can be worn at night to protect the teeth. Untreated clenching and/or grinding can be a precursor to TMJ disorder.

When a patient continuously grinds or clenches his or her teeth; over time, the teeth’s dentition is damaged. A mouth guard is able to protect the teeth from the excess tension and pressure that is caused by grinding and clenching. Treatment, such as a bite splint, protects the mouth and jaw from further problems, such as grinding, but a neuromuscular orthotic or reconstructive dentistry will probably be necessary in order to actual treat the disorder.

Prevention Requires Early Diagnosis

The only possible way to prevent TMJ is through early detection and treatment. A diagnosis needs to be made almost immediately before more damage is done. Any patient that experiences TMJ symptoms, such as jaw pain, neck pain, or headaches, should seek dental advice immediately. Call Dr. Berry’s office to learn more about TMJ and to discover if your symptoms are in fact due to a problem with your jaw joint. Contact Dr. Berry online or call (303) 691-0267 today to schedule a consultation.