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Can You Relieve TMJ Disorder Using a Yoga Technique?

TMJ disorder impacts countless Americans, who struggle to cope with an assortment of unpleasant symptoms, including jaw pain, headaches, chewing difficulties and tinnitus.

Often, TMJ symptoms can become so difficult to bear; sufferers are forced to rely on pain medications to make it through the day. Out of desperation, some people turn to invasive surgical procedures aimed at reconstructing the jaw joint. Unfortunately, this strategy can be very painful, and there’s no guarantee it will even work.

Fear of invasive surgery often leads many people to seek non-traditional remedies that purport to offer temporary benefits. The following video provides lessons on how TMJ sufferers can use a ball to massage their jaws. Unfortunately, this is much like treating a broken leg by rubbing the surrounding muscles.

Because TMJ disorder is caused by a misaligned bite, patients need a treatment that targets the root cause: the bite.

Dr. Berry can provide a comfortable, noninvasive TMJ treatment that will address the source of your TMJ pain. Contact his office online or call (303) 691-0267 today to learn more.

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