Do you think you can’t do the Colorado Trail or other long hiking trips because CPAP chains you to a power supply?

Having your sleep apnea untreated on your hiking trip is virtually impossible. Hiking ten miles and more a day at elevation is just impossible, and you can’t really bring your CPAP with you. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your hiking trips altogether. A CPAP alternative can put hiking back within your reach.

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There’s Really No Such Thing as “Portable” CPAP

Although manufacturers market and sell things called “portable” CPAP machines, these aren’t really adequate for taking on the trail. They say that the machine weighs less than a pound, but that’s not including the hoses, mask, and other supplies. Adding these in brings the weight up to nearly two and a half pounds–without a battery! Add in the battery and you’re looking at about four pounds for your CPAP machine, or about the same as 3 days of food and twice as much as you probably allocated for all the rest of your sleeping gear.

And even if you decide to lug it along, it won’t do you much good. Even the multiple-night battery for these CPAP machines only last about 12 hours. How many nights is that going to help you get a good night’s sleep?

A Portable Sleep Apnea Solution

If you are looking for a sleep apnea solution that you can take with you on a hike, consider oral appliance therapy. An oral appliance weighs just ounces, not pounds, and it doesn’t require power. Just put it in before you go to sleep and breathe easy. And without an extra four pounds in your pack, you’ll hike easier, too.

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