Many U.S. women blame bladder problems for preventing them from getting a good night’s sleep; however, a new study indicates that sleep apnea could be contributing to the problem.

A Noticeable Connection

Research conducted at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, Spain, recently uncovered a link between overactive bladder syndrome and sleep apnea in women. To reach their findings, researchers asked 72 female sleep apneics to answer questionnaires aimed at assessing the potential presence of bladder problems.

In the end, the study revealed that symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome were far more common in women with sleep apnea than they are in women who do not have the sleep disorder.

Finding the Right Treatment

Although researchers weren’t able to determine how overactive bladder syndrome relates to sleep apnea; they were able to conclude that some type of link exists.

Unfortunately, many women seek help for bladder problems, when it’s actually sleep apnea that is keeping them awake at night. If you think you might be suffering from this dangerous disorder, a sleep study can give you a positive or negative diagnosis.

If you receive a positive diagnosis, Dr. Berry can provide a non-invasive, comfortable sleep apnea treatment that will help you stay asleep each and every night.

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