According to new research, sleep apnea treatment may improve the golf game of golfers with sleep apnea. For most golfers, it was able to improve their golf game by 11%, and for the best golfers, the game improved by more than 30%!

Determining the Impact of Sleep Apnea on Your Golf Game

To determine whether sleep apnea affected the game of golfers, researchers screened golfers for the condition. Screening was done with a polysomnogram, the only true test for properly diagnosing sleep apnea. Twelve golfers were identified who had sleep apnea.

Golfers with sleep apnea had their handicap calculated, then began treatment with CPAP. After being treated with CPAP for six months, these golfers had their handicap recalculated, and they were compared with matched controls who underwent similar tests, but did not receive CPAP. The results showed that sleep apnea sufferers overall saw an improvement of 11%. However, the best golfers, defined as golfer with a handicap of 12 or less, saw the biggest improvement, dropping 32%. In this study, the compliance rate for CPAP was very high: nearly 92%.

How Sleep Apnea Might Affect Your Game

Sleep apnea has a strong impact on many aspects of your life. It can affect your ability to think, remember, and perform athletic tasks. Daytime sleepiness, lack of concentration, and chronic fatigue are all associated with sleep apnea, all of which could affect your game.

Tell Snorers They Can Improve Their Short Game for the Long Haul

If you live with a snorer, you’ve probably tried everything possible to get them to look into snoring treatment. If nothing has worked, though, maybe you just need to bring up the possibility that it may be affecting your husband’s golf game. You’ll probably be shocked at how quickly he responds then.

And not only will sleep apnea treatment improve his game, it will decrease his risk of sudden death from heart attack and other cardiovascular conditions.

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