Life is what you make of it; or so we are told. We all have some degree of control as to how our days pan out and whether or not we are able to have a day full of success or one that isn’t so productive. However, the fact is that certain bodily conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and even sleep apnea may all play a role in how we perceive certain things in life. While studies have shown that the brain’s structure affects how we view and see the world, and it is our body’s control center, there are other factors that may sway how we see certain things.

For example, studies are ongoing as to figuring out whether or not there is a link between conditions such as sleep apnea and depression. Since sleep apnea greatly affects the brain because of the repeated sleep pattern interruptions at night, these interruptions may be the cause of anxiety along with depression. While no study has been able to solidify a true connection between the conditions, studies have shown that some sleep apnea patients are at a higher risk of experiencing depression and anxiety.

If you suffer from sleep apnea along with depression, anxiety, or some other emotional disorder, the two may be linked. The best way to cure your problems is to undergo proven sleep apnea treatment that will keep you breathing properly at night. Sleep apnea can be treated by Dr. Berry using oral appliances, or by a CPAP machine, or a combination treatment. This means that you will no longer suffer from pauses in breathing (sometimes hundreds per night) while you sleep so that your brain no longer experiences an interruption that may be triggering anxiety and/or depression.

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