It’s no mystery that deep, restorative sleep promotes better physical and mental performance. Now, a new study indicates that a good night’s sleep can also make us more financially secure.

Poor Decision Making

The Medical News Today recently published new research which indicates that inadequate sleep leads people into making poor financial choices. Conducted by researchers at Duke University, the study demonstrated that sleep deprivation can impair our risk assessment powers by causing our brains to fixate on potentially positive outcomes while ignoring negative implications.

According to the researchers, their study is consistent with past research, which was compelling enough to prompt Las Vegas casinos to install strategies that encourage players to gamble while fatigued. Sadly, however, insufficient sleep isn’t just a problem at the roulette wheel. When sleep deprivation impairs our judgment, we are more prone to making financial mistakes that can put us in debt; we may also make errors on the job, which could result in reprimands or even pink slips.

More Concern for Sleep Apneics

Because it causes breathing problems that promote frequent waking, sleep apnea keeps people from enjoying long periods of deep, restorative REM sleep. Research indicates that these sleep difficulties can leave us more susceptible to accidents, health issues, and financial problems as well. Fortunately, Dr. Berry offers his patients a simple sleep apnea remedy that lets them sleep comfortably without the annoying symptoms associated with this dangerous disorder.

Make that Call

If you’ve been living with sleep apnea, it’s time to recognize what’s happening to your mind and body. By negatively impacting your safety, health and finances, this disorder can permanently change or even shorten your life.

Don’t spend night after night struggling to stay asleep, when an oral appliance can help you breathe clearly all night long. To learn more, please call (303) 691-0267 at the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado in Denver today.