Most people understand that quality sleep has the ability to promote better cognitive skills. Now, new research indicates it also has the ability to enhance athletic performance.

A study appearing in the journal Sleep suggests that increased sleep has the ability to aid vigor, reaction time and mood in athletes.

To reach their findings, researchers asked 11 Stanford University varsity basketball players to extend their nightly sleep times by an average of 110.9 minutes over the course of two separate seasons. In the end, each athlete demonstrated improved performance, with most registering faster sprint times and improved shooting percentages.

We All Need Sleep

Sleep is the backbone for virtually all our activities, whether we are competing as athletes or working at our daily jobs. When we don’t get enough deep, restorative sleep, we tend to experience mental and physical impairments.

Poor habits can lead many people to experience sleeping problems; however, sometimes inadequate sleep stems from a dangerous disorder, called sleep apnea. Daytime fatigue, snoring and frequent waking are all potential symptoms of sleep apnea. This latter symptom results from repeated breathing problems that cause the sufferer to awaken several times throughout the night.

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