It’s no mystery that sleep plays a critical role in how we perform at work and school. Unfortunately, many Americans practice poor lifestyle habits that keep them from getting sufficient sleep on a daily basis.

Research has proved that insufficient sleep prevents us from functioning at our best. A recent University of Arkansas study uncovered a noticeable correlation between inadequate sleep and lower GPAs; while additional research has demonstrated that interrupted, low quality sleep can weaken our cognitive skills and make it hard for us to perform well at work.

A Growing Trend

Inadequate sleep is common for college students, who confront daily stress and frequently make poor lifestyle choices that keep them awake at night. That said, experts are discovering that sleep issues are quite common in the adult world, as well. The U.S. government recently called insufficient sleep a public health epidemic, and experts blame sleep deprivation for costing American businesses millions of dollars in lost worker productivity each year.

Making Smart Choices

Some people can improve their quality of sleep by choosing to practice healthier habits. On the other hand, people who suffer from sleep apnea can’t simply decide to get better. With that said, sleep apneics can choose to get help from a reliable sleep dentist, who can provide a quiet, lasting treatment for sleep apnea. To learn more, Contact Us or call (303) 691-0267 today.