These days, Americans are sleeping less for a variety of reasons. For some, poor lifestyle choices contribute to sleeping difficulties; for others, physical disorders are to blame. Whatever the reasons, widespread sleeping difficulties have proved costly in more ways than one.

A 2011 study out of Harvard Medical School estimated that insomnia cost the national economy about $63.2 billion each year. That figure equals about 11 lost working days or $2,280 in lost productivity per worker.

Multiple Causes

Experts estimate that approximately 70 billion Americans suffer from insufficient sleep. According to medical professionals, sleep problems are becoming more prevalent for a number of reasons. In 2008, numerous families endured crushing financial problems that resulted in lingering stress. On the other hand, a great many Americans can also blame their insomnia on poor lifestyle choices that promote sleeplessness. The rising popularity of caffeinated energy drinks and technological gadgets, such as iPods, smartphones and laptops, has lured many people into a cycle of restlessness. That said, a growing number of insomniacs have no control over their difficulties, because they owe their problems to a physical disorder.

Sleep Apnea Very Common

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that millions of Americans suffer from sleep apnea; however, a great many continue to suffer without help. Studies have linked inadequate sleep to some serious medical disorders, including dementia, diabetes and more.

The right sleep apnea treatment can put an end to sleepless nights by providing a clear, unobstructed airway that won’t leave patients gasping for air while they sleep. That being said, unless sufferers reach out, they will continue to endure daytime drowsiness, fatigue and other troublesome symptoms.

The Time Is Now

Without treatment, sleep apnea can put lives at risk. On the other hand, a simple oral appliance can eliminate the problem in a matter of minutes. To learn more about this quiet, comfortable sleep apnea treatment, Contact Us or call the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado at (303) 691-0267 to schedule your consultation.