TMJ pain is a significant problem for numerous Americans, who have trouble enjoying even simple things, such as talking to family and friends or eating their favorite foods. In search of relief, many people turn to a variety or alternative treatments, as well as lifestyle changes aimed at reducing the intensity of pain.

Recently, new research found that social interaction might have the ability to help people cope with pain. Unfortunately, this isn’t likely to be of much help to people who suffer from TMJ disorder.

Social Interaction and Pain Tolerance

A recent study out of Ohio State University suggests that social companionship may help reduce the intensity of pain. To reach their findings, researchers kept some mice isolated in their own private cages, while keeping others two to a cage. These mice all suffered from a particular kind of nerve-related pain called allodynia, which caused them to withdraw their paws when contacted.

In the end, the study showed that the “social” mice showed less response to pain than did their isolated counterparts, which suggests that social interaction somehow alleviated pain to some degree.

How it Applies to TMJ

It’s not surprising to learn that social interaction could assist with pain tolerance, since it helps to elevate mood and distract thoughts. With that being said, it’s not a good replacement for a reliable treatment for TMJ disorder.

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