To many, sleep apnea and CPAP therapy often go hand in hand. However, just like with the process of treating many other types of conditions, there is never one treatment type that works for every single patient. While you may not hear much about alternative sleep apnea treatment types, the recent awarding of “Best Of Class” to SomnoMed by the Pride Institute  may be the catalyst that the oral appliance field needs in order to spread awareness to patients who need an alternative sleep apnea treatment.

As an honoree in the Emerging Category, SomnoMed has taken another step forward in becoming an even match to the gold-standard and highly praised CPAP machine. While CPAP has proven to be very effective in keeping sleep apneics safe at night, for some using the machine becomes more of a hassle that only further interrupts sleep. For this reason, the existence of an alternative therapy is a must have for CPAP-intolerant patients.

Oral Appliance Therapy Works

What many patients don’t know is that oral appliance therapy (OAT) is just as effective as CPAP technology and in many cases OAT is preferred over the noisy and unnatural CPAP machine. In any case, patients should always seek advice from a sleep physician as well as a dentist with experience using OAT.

If you’re interested in OAT and want to determine if the therapy is right for treating your case of sleep apnea, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Berry online or call (303) 691-0267 today. We will work with you to find the sleep apnea treatment that keeps you sleeping safely and wakening each day feeling refreshed.