Patients with Parkinson’s disease have long hoped for a cure for their condition; however, for the time being, they have little choice but to focus on solutions that minimize the unpleasant symptoms associated with the disorder. A recent study suggests that exercise is one of the best ways for sufferers to improve the quality of their lives. Unfortunately, it may not be a realistic solution for many.

Preserving Mobility

A study appearing in the journal Archives of Neurology suggests that Parkinson’s patients can improve muscle strength, overall fitness and walking ability by participating in moderate exercise on a regular basis. To reach their findings, researchers randomly assigned 67 subjects to three separate exercise routines: low-intensity treadmill walking, high-intensity treadmill walking or simple resistance and stretching exercises. Prior to the study, each of these participants had difficulty walking; however, after the study, all showed at least some improvement, with the ones who participated in low-intensity treadmill walking gaining the most benefits.

Not for Everyone

Unfortunately, many Parkinson’s patients suffer from tremors that make it impossible or extremely unpleasant to exercise. For these people, oral appliance therapy makes a lot of sense. Not only can this treatment option improve their quality of life by reducing the effects of this difficult disorder; it could be the key to allowing patients to engage in regular exercise, so they can tackle their conditions from two fronts.

Reaching Out

For some patients, oral appliance therapy can put a stop to tremors associated with Parkinson’s; for others, it can greatly diminish these symptoms. That said, you can’t get the help you need until you take the time to reach out for help. To learn how this effective Parkinson’s treatment can change your life for the better, contact Dr. Berry’s office. Get control over your tremors and take back your life by emailing us or calling the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado at (303) 691-0267 to schedule your consultation.