Most people realize that insufficient sleep can negatively affect our lives. Not only does it cause daytime drowsiness and fatigue; research has linked it to numerous health problems that can shorten lives. Studies indicate that technology may be responsible for keeping many people awake at night; and some interesting new research suggests it may also promote other problems in the bedroom.

Lowering Sex Drives

New research indicates that, when people bring laptops, smartphones and tablets into the bedroom, their sex lives suffer. According to the study, participants said they spent a shocking average of an hour-and-a-half playing with electronic gadgets while lying in bed at night, with many admitting their web-surfing resulted in less sex.

What’s the Correlation?

While some may prefer web-surfing to sex; in many instances, people can blame their reduced sex drives on insufficient sleep. More and more studies have linked insomnia with exposure to artificial light from smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. Researchers have also found that inadequate sleep can lower sex drives by negatively affecting hormones.

Bad News for Sleep Apneics

When negative bedroom habits promote insomnia, some strategic lifestyle changes can make a big difference. That said, if you have sleep apnea, you owe your sleeping problems to a physical condition that calls for a smart, effective treatment strategy.

As a growing body of evidence shows that inadequate sleep can harm us in many ways, a growing number of sleep apneics are recognizing they must seek help. Dr. Berry provides his patients with a comfortable sleep apnea remedy that lets them breathe clearly each night; so they can enjoy peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. To learn more about how a simple oral appliance can drastically improve your life, contact his office today or call the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado at (303) 691-0267 to schedule your consultation.

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