adult man holding his ear in painTinnitus is a big problem for numerous Americans, who are forced to endure incessant ringing, whistling or buzzing inside the ears. In search of relief, desperate sufferers often turn to all sorts of alternative remedies, only to find themselves stuck with the same symptoms after treatment. Recently, a group of researchers sought to assess the efficacy of cognitive therapy on this frustrating condition. In the end, subjects came away with mixed results.

Better, But Not Cured

Appearing in The Lancet medical journal, the study used talking therapies and soothing meditative noises to help participants cope with their tinnitus. Ultimately, researchers found that these cognitive therapies did help many subjects live with the maddening noises inside their ears; however, none of the patients showed any physical improvement.

Targeting the Cause

While cognitive therapy might prove useful to people who have incurable tinnitus; for others it’s really no solution at all. Often, tinnitus is the result of TMJ disorder, a painful condition that occurs thanks to a misaligned bite.

With proper TMJ treatment, tinnitus symptoms often dissipate completely, leaving patients free to enjoy the peace, quiet and comfort they used to know. To learn more, Contact Us or call (303) 691-0267 today. Don’t accept your tinnitus as just a part of life. Contact Dr. Berry to get the help you deserve.