Neuromonics, a manufacturer of tinnitus treatment devices, is moving its headquarters from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to Westminster, Colorado, a suburb north of Denver. Neuromonics is looking to join Colorado’s growing medical device manufacturing sector, the sixth largest in the nation, and take advantage of the high quality of life offered by the Denver area.

What Are Tinnitus Treatment Devices?

woman holding her ears due to ringing

Tinnitus sufferers may find their symptoms very disruptive. The sounds in their ears can make it hard for them to concentrate on tasks or fall asleep. A tinnitus masking device creates an alternate audible stimulus that can prevent people from hearing the tinnitus sounds and allow them to focus on their life. However, a tinnitus treatment device attempts to use auditory reprogramming of the brain to give long-term reduction or relief of tinnitus.

Neuromonics makes two different types of tinnitus treatment device. The Sanctuary provides situational tinnitus relief for minor sufferers. It gives them alternate sound stimuli so that they can listen to in quiet moments to get relief so they can fall asleep, work on the computer, work around the house, and other activities where hearing is not essential. The sound stimuli consists of a combination of music and customized stimuli designed to knock out the sound of tinnitus.

Multiple Types of Tinnitus Require Multiple Treatments

At the Craniofacial Diagnostic Center of Colorado, we are happy to welcome our new neighbors and longtime partners in combating tinnitus. Research has demonstrated that tinnitus is a complex condition that derives from many potential causes, one of which is TMJ. TMJ-related tinnitus is different from other types, and it responds to TMJ treatment in ways that other types may not. For people who cannot get long-term or permanent reduction or relief from tinnitus with TMJ treatment, treatment devices are the best treatment option available.

To learn more about tinnitus treatment and which one might work best for you, please call (303) 691-0267 at the TMJ Therapy & Sleep Center of Colorado in Denver today.