Because temporomandibular disorder (TMD) affects the muscles that control the jaw, it can make it difficult for sufferers to function comfortably in their day to day lives. That said, until recently, it wasn’t necessarily clear just how debilitating this condition can be.

High Disability Pain

According to new research, people who suffer from chronic orofacial pain tend to be more debilitated by their affliction when compared to people who suffer from chronic headaches or backaches.

Presented the 2012 World Congress on Pain in Milan, Italy, the study focused on 262 patients who were suffering from some form of chronic pain, including 105 participants who experienced orofacial pain associated with temporomandibular disorders (TMD). After supplying each subject with a questionnaire, researchers ultimately found that TMD sufferers reported the greatest proportions of “high disability pain.”

Getting Relief

While most TMD sufferers experience some form of orofacial pain, many also experience painful headaches and other unpleasant symptoms. After a while, this can significantly impact the quality of their lives, leaving them unable to enjoy even the simplest pleasures, such as eating and talking with friends.

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