TMD is no minor problem. Besides causing chewing difficulties and chronic pain, temporomandibular joint disorder can significantly affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life. Recently, a once-successful voice actor acquired significant attention for losing his career to this frustrating condition.

Speech Difficulties

Prior to 2009, Tom Rohe was a professional voice actor. Unfortunately, back in 2009, he developed temporomandibular joint disorder after having a tooth removed. Not long after, Rohe started having speech difficulties that became so problematic, he had no choice but to end his career.

Ambien to the Rescue?

According to Rohe, he cannot speak normally unless he takes the prescription sleeping drug, Ambien. The following video demonstrates the severity of Rohe’s condition. It also raises important questions about the proper way to treat TMD.

Is Ambien A Good Idea?

While Rohe seems to enjoy TMD relief with the help of Ambien; there’s no clinical evidence that this medication would help anyone else who suffers from this chronic disorder. Additionally, Ambien is only approved to treat insomnia. It also comes with several potentially severe side-effects, including significant drowsiness, which makes it an impractical remedy for TMJ disorder.

A Better Way

Most TMD sufferers enjoy total relief when they receive a treatment which targets the source of their problem: a bad bite. By providing this, Dr. Berry is able to offer his patients permanent relief from TMJ disorder; so they can enjoy life the way they used to before this problem developed.

Self-medicating is a bad idea. Instead, seek the help of a professional, such as Dr. Berry. Just because your symptoms are relatively mild right now doesn’t mean they won’t progressively worsen in the near future. Call Dr. Berry at (303) 691-0267 before TMD ruins your life, career and overall happiness.