TMJ, temporomandibular joint disorder, can be a nuisance 365.24 days a year, but it can be especially obnoxious during the holidays. Jaw pain, headaches, and other symptoms can make it hard for you to enjoy many of your favorite activities.

Fortunately, TMJ treatment can often give immediate relief, so it can save your season.

Stress and Pain

TMJ symptoms can flare up with stress. These symptoms may include tension headaches, neck pain, and other types of pain related to muscle tension. This type of pain can change holiday irritations into major disruptions.

When it gets to Christmas crunch time, shopping destinations can be crowded, and when stress causes your TMJ to act up, a mildly unpleasant experience can turn into a truly terrible one. And for many of us, though we love them, family time comes with a high degree of stress. Once you add a headache, it can be even harder to deal with, causing you to snap at people and bring up long-gone conflicts.

Jaw Pain Makes Holiday Meals a Drag

For many people, TMJ means jaw pain, which could be in the form of tender jaw muscles, pinched nerves, or even sore teeth and bones.

This jaw pain can make some holiday favorites like peanut brittle or caramel apples unpleasant to eat. No matter how moist the turkey, it can still be hard to eat with jaw pain. And even mildly crispy treats like biscochitos can be problematic.

Immediate Relief with No Drugs

When TMJ makes events like Christmas less pleasant, you don’t have to reach for an over-the-counter pain medication, try to drink your pain away, or get a prescription for medication that can make you groggy. Instead, TMJ treatment can be used to relax tense muscles and reduce pressure on nerves to reduce or eliminate your pain this holiday season, and for the rest of your life.

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