It seems reasonable that a problem within the jaw joint, such as an imbalance or misalignment, would cause pains and aches in the jaw, face and other surrounding areas. But would you also think that this condition, better known as TMJ, can also be deadly? In the case of one TMJ sufferer, the condition could have possibly caused her death if it wasn’t for her husband’s quick actions and efforts to save her life.

Since a patient suffers from – not only TMJ disorder - but arthritis in the jaw as well; the health of her jaw joint is not at optimal levels. Despite her condition, Vickie was seemingly still able to eat normal foods. One day, when she and her husband were enjoying a meal, Vickie’s jaw locked as she was chewing a piece of steak. The food became lodged in her throat and began interfering with her breathing. Thankfully, her husband was able to use the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the piece of steak. If the food had stayed in her throat, Vickie may have died.

One of the most important take-aways from this story is the fact that TMJ can be a deadly condition in rare circumstances, even though it is rarely described as such. If you knowingly suffer from TMJ, or if you are constantly suffering from TMJ symptoms; this story should serve as a push to seek TMJ treatment that will keep you pain- and ache-free, as well as safe from any unforeseen complications.

Though TMJ is a highly complex and misunderstood condition, Dr. Berry is very experienced at treating the condition. TMJ is commonly caused by a bad bite, which Dr. Berry will work to fix; so your jaw will align in a more suitable position. To learn more about TMJ treatment and how it can change your life, contact Dr. Berry online or call (303) 691-0267 today.