If you are looking for a sleep dentist to help you treat your sleep apnea without CPAP, take the time to consider your options carefully. Your sleep dentist will make a tremendous difference in the quality of your results and in the quality of your experience. One important thing to look for is a sleep dentist with experience.

Here’s why a sleep dentist with experience is likely the best choice.

They’ve Seen It All before

Why See an Experienced Sleep DentistSleep apnea can be very hard to treat, with many variations in the needs of individual patients. Dentists who are new to treating sleep apnea might not understand the variety of needs.

An experienced sleep dentist has helped many people get successful treatment for their sleep apnea. They know how to approach each situation to overcome the challenges.

They’re Efficient

Since experienced sleep dentists are better at recognizing the needs of patients, they can more quickly go from diagnosis to exam to treatment. They know what they’re looking for and can use a concise exam that is nonetheless thorough to help you get the treatment that is best for you.

And they’re less likely to make mistakes in selecting the right oral appliance for you and in fitting it properly. That way, you’re less likely to need to come back for a new appliance or a refit.

Their Training Keeps Expanding

Sleep dentists who focus on the discipline realize the value of ongoing training. They don’t just count on a weekend course to let them fit sleep appliances for their patients. They focus on adding new discipline and ideas to their skill set and knowledge base.

For example, we’ve noted that knowledge about TMJ can help sleep dentists give you better results. This is something that experienced sleep dentists have learned can help their patients. They will either start training in it or expand their training for their patients’ benefit.

They Know Which Appliances Work Best

If you read the releases from oral appliance manufacturers, every appliance is amazing. They all promise amazing things, and many have clinical data to back it up. But what really works best for patients?

A dentist who is new to sleep apnea treatment often has to take the word of the oral appliance manufacturers. Because they all make great claims, the new dentist may end up working with the manufacturer who gives them the best deal.

But an experienced sleep dentist has had an opportunity to try many different oral appliances. They have seen what works and what doesn’t. They also talk to other experienced sleep dentists to build up an even broader body of experience-based recommendations for their patients.

And based on what they’ve seen in their practice, they’re able to critically evaluate new appliances as they come on the market.

They Anticipate Problems

Oral appliance therapy can be very successful, if done properly. However, if it’s not done properly, it may not give the desired results. It may even lead to complications.

Experienced sleep dentists know what mistakes lead to complications. They know how to avoid them. They are also prepared to spot problems in the early stages to steer clear of them before complications become serious.

They Get Great Results

What does this all boil down to? They can draw on their experience and extensive training to efficiently deliver effective treatment while anticipating problems. That leads to great results for their patients, results with a low risk of complications and a high risk of success.

Looking for an Experienced Sleep Dentist in Denver?

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