TMJ disorder affects numerous people throughout the U.S., with many enduring all sorts of symptoms, including migraine headaches, chewing difficulties, ringing in the ears and jaw pain.

While some choose to treat their discomfort by ingesting large amounts of over-the-counter pain relievers; others opt for alternative treatments that won’t cause unpleasant or dangerous side-effects. Unfortunately, these remedies cannot offer long-term relief from TMJ symptoms.

The following movie clip offers a good example of an alternative TMJ remedy that won’t stand the test of time. To provide relief from chronic jaw pain, the yoga teacher suggests a form of self-massage using a ball intended to target the sore muscles that surround the jaw joint.

Sadly, even if this technique is successful at relieving jaw pain, the effects will be fleeting. On the other hand, by realigning a patient’s misaligned bite, Dr. Berry is able to provide permanent TMJ relief.

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