dreamstime_xs_15104580We don’t know who started the myth that executives don’t sleep, but recently Donald Trump has popularized the idea with his ostentatious 3-hour night’s sleep. However, it is not a universal of executives that they spend most of their day working and get only a short sleep at night. Instead, all types of sleepers have the ability to become executives, and success often depends on an efficient use of time and not just on trying to maximize your work hours.

Different Sleep Strategies

As with the general population, executives often have different sleep strategies. In its “Sleep Secrets of CEOs,” the BBC talked to executives with several different approaches to sleep. First, they looked at the director of STS Capital Partners, who needs a full 8 hours of sleep. If he gets less, he’s useless.

Then they looked at the CEO of a North Carolina consultancy, who couldn’t imagine getting 8 hours of sleep. He usually sleeps about four hours a night, though once a month he “binges” on 9+ hours of sleep. He never feels tired, worn down, or needs coffee to function.

Then there are 4-hour sleepers who take a 45-minute nap every day.

Improving Your Efficiency

The key to getting the most out of the hours you spend working is improving your efficiency. When you are at maximum efficiency, you can get more done in less time, making you a more effective worker. Getting a full night’s sleep is crucial to making yourself more productive.

When you stay up late working extra hours, you may get some work done, but much less than you could if you were working on a full night’s sleep. Even the CEO who is a 4-hour sleeper confesses that he gets less done at night, “I’m not at my peak performance at 2 a.m. But even 50% productivity is better than nothing.” For that night, perhaps, but what about in the morning? When you are depriving yourself of a full night’s sleep, your productivity also drops the next day as well, making it harder to get things done. These workers could actually be experiencing a net loss of productivity.

Maximizing Your Sleep

No matter how many hours you sleep, you need to get quality sleep if you’re going to get the full benefit. You won’t be getting quality sleep if you’re waking up every few minutes with sleep apnea. To be successful, you need to get a sleep apnea treatment that works and can be easily used wherever and whenever your busy schedule leads you to sleep.

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